Viento Sur

Viento Sur (2014)

Different stories that mark the life of the Patagonia region, an almost universal place, in the decades of '30 and '40. The society of that time, the interrelation of the culture of the Native American peoples with that of the Welsh, Italian, Spanish and Lebanese immigrants, will give life to facts and circumstances that speak of those times. The talk between a bartender of the time (Horacio Fontova) and a traveler (Oscar Alegre) stuck by the strong wind, begins the journey on stories of love, jealousy, families, bandits, robberies and soldiers of a region that began to be forged .

  • Daniel Stigliano
Seasons: 1
  • Views: 2
  • Release Date: 2014-01-16
  • Language: Español

Emilia Attías

Sofía Ludueña y Cersei Karnstein

Naím Sibara

Juan Fucks

Mike Amigorena

Mariano Oroño

Tomás Fonzi

Camilo Ludueña

Maite Zumelzú

Leticia Jurado, Estela Roberts, Etta Place, Herminia Williams y Myrcella Karnstein
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